MGT Provides Primary Cargo Insurance Coverage

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MG Terminal understands the importance of securing and insuring your cargo and provides multiple avenues to fully protect the full value of your cargo.

Our exclusive insurance service is just an extension of the full service MG Terminal provides for all your shipping needs. In our years of experience as a freight forwarder we have found limitations with carrier’s liability insurance including maximum payout ceilings and reimbursements based on weight of your shipment rather than the value.
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MG Terminal Cargo Insurance provides primary coverage for all our shipping options with services that repay you for the full dollar value of your shipment rather than based on the weight of your shipment.

With MG Terminal primary insurance coverage you can insure almost any item, even high risk commodities carrier insurance will not cover, including household goods, fine arts and jewelry. Whether your destination is domestic or international, air, ocean or ground freight, we provide the insurance to get your shipment covered.

MG Terminal primary insurance services save you money as our coverage provides rates direct the top rated insures in the world, with no minimum or maximum coverage limitations. You receive an insurance certificate with loss payable made out directly to you with fast and easy claims processing.

Contact us directly or connect through our online insurance form to receive immediate coverage.

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